We offer complete services to ease investment process
Feasibility study
We provide complete support to identify feasibility of the project by analysing clients existing resources, market trends, project realisation budget and timeframe, future trends and prepare detailed report with all risks and recommendations for future development. We study technical, financial, organisational and market feasibility to provide you with cross functional detailed report. We carefully analyse projects potential, clients needs and identify detailed investment model with various scenarios
Legal Management & Tax Consulting
We support our investors in all stages of legal processes related to investment project lifecycle including but not limited to developing most transparent and low-risk legal frameworks for acquiring and managing the investment properties or assuring annual/project based investment royalties
We develop and manage most appropriate Tax accounting and financial management strategies to eliminate any related risks and optimise ROI.
We accept all types of payment from bank transfer to cryptocurrency from any country in the World.
Real Estate Search and Management
We have access to most exclusive and hidden investment properties and project in Georgia. We will search most appropriate investment assets for you and will take them under management in accordance with recommended use investment straggles to make sure that investor gets planned results - We don't leave Investor alone with the assets, we assure forecasted results
Investment and Project Implementation Management
Our Project Management team assures comprehensive and permanent monitoring of investment project implementation, especially in the field of Design, Construction and Operation. Internationally recognised methodologies and locally in more than 100 projects tested management practices gives Investors confidence to Invest and get profits from any part of the World.
Invest wise with us